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Started as a responsible Tour project, Kalap Trust also works on improving healthcare and education facilities and developing sustainable livelihood opportunities for the residents of Uttarakhand’s Tons Valley. The organisation is raising money to boost the livelihoods of the community. The money will fund veterinary kits for the shepherds to keep their sheep flock healthy. Alternatively, you can pre-book crisp apples grown in the Tons Valley that will be delivered to you once harvested. Donation link: Payment link: World Tour Organization (UNWTO) Incredible India Uttarakhand Tour Ministry of Tour, Government of India #beresponsible #OutlookRT #covidcrisis #covid19 #covidcrisisindia #tacklingcovid #lockdown #support #livelihoods #community #uttarakhand #tonsvalley

Waste Warriors, a not-for-profit committed to cleaning up India, is providing support to communities of waste pickers and those in the informal waste sector. These neglected communities rely heavily on the daily wages they earn and have had little income in the lockdown. The Waste Warriors relief fund includes kits for food rations, hygiene, and safety for around 600 waste workers. These workers are on the frontlines of our battle against Covid-19 as they deal with the increasing amounts of waste generated thanks to use of throwaway masks, gloves and other PPE. They need our support to stay safe and healthy. Donation link: World Tour Organization (UNWTO) Incredible India #beresponsible #OutlookRT #covidcrisis #covid19 #covidcrisisindia #tacklingcovid #lockdown #support #communities #relieffunds