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Eritrea: A Tour in the Northern Red Sea Region

Sumary of Eritrea: A Tour in the Northern Red Sea Region:

  • It is home to natural resources including a variety of marine species, incredible landscape, clear and unpolluted seashore, archaeological sites, infrastructure wonders, forestry, wildlife, and more and more.
  • The region stretches 600 kilometers along the coastal line, and around 450 kilometers inland, a total area of 34,236 square kilometers with every single place of history and scenic beauty.
  • Crossing the village of Buya, we made our way to the South-Eastern part of the region to finish the first day of the expedition in the sub-zone of Gel’alo.
  • Abdur, a coastal site that may be the first place where man discovered the possibilities of marine resources.
  • The 125,000 years old stone tools discovered within the uplifted marine terraces along this coastline of Eritrea at the Abdur archaeological site show the earliest well-dated evidence of human occupation of the coastal marine environment.
  • The smooth road that mostly runs side by side with the clear coastal water and sand made the expedition extraordinary.

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