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Tanzania: Climate Change Corners Great Migration Spectacle #AfricaClimateCrisis

Sumary of Tanzania: Climate Change Corners Great Migration Spectacle #AfricaClimateCrisis:

  • A Wildlife Species expert has warned of a possible disappearance of the Great Wildebeest Migration due to climate change effects.
  • Prof Noah Sitati from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said the spectacle was under serious threat as effects of climate change have seen lesser and lesser rains in the area, causing the ground to be drier and less likely to support growth of fresh grass.
  • “This time round the wildebeest migration to the Mara didn’t spend the required time, they came very quickly, the major reason could be the drought experienced in the area as a result of climate change,” observed the Wildlife expert.
  • “Being smaller, the adjacent disposal area where Wildebeests used to go is now being turned into fences, thus shrinking the vast areas meant for the wild animals,” he explained.
  • The report from the World Meteorological Organisation and other agencies, released ahead of the UN climate conference in Scotland that starts October 31, forecast that at current rates all glaciers on Mt Kenya, Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro and Uganda’s Rwenzoris – would be gone by the 2040s.

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