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Flight diverted after passenger ‘punches’ flight attendant over mask mandate

Sumary of Flight diverted after passenger ‘punches’ flight attendant over mask mandate:

  • An American Airlines flight bound for John Wayne Airport in Orange County was diverted to Denver on Tuesday after one of the passengers attacked a flight attendant.
  • Passengers on the flight reported that the alleged assault was prompted by a disagreement between an unnamed male traveller and cabin crew about mask wearing.
  • Mackenzie Rose, another passenger on the flight, told CBSLA that the incident occurred about halfway through the trip, with the plane re-routing over Ohio for an emergency landing in Denver.
  • The passenger suspected of assaulting the flight attendant was reportedly in first or business class, and witnesses told press the crew member was left with blood on their face.
  • Another passenger calling himself Jack said a doctor onboard the aircraft had examined the flight attendant after the incident.
  • The plane was able to land safely at Denver International, where police officers escorted the offending passenger from the plane and the flight attendant was transferred to hospital.

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