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Hibiscus Or Sorrel Will Be The Biggest Flavor Of 2022

Sumary of Hibiscus Or Sorrel Will Be The Biggest Flavor Of 2022:

  • It all began last month, when I noticed that the New York Times featured a recipe by Nigerian food stylist and writer, Yewande Komolafe for Hibiscus-Spiraled Ginger Cookies.
  • I would soon learn that the tangy flavor of my all time favorite spicy Christmas beverage had been ranked as one of Whole Food’s Top Ten Food Trends for 2022. Red Hot Hibiscus tea in a glass mug on a wooden table among rose petals and dry tea custard with .
  • [+] metallic heart getty Hibiscus sabdariffa, otherwise known as agua de Jamaica, Florida cranberry, Roselle, or Sorrel, as it is called in the Caribbean, dates back to 4000 BC in Sudan.
  • The calyx of the hibiscus plant and the key ingredient used in food and drinks is high in vitamin C and other antioxidants such as anthocyanins.
  • Other parts of the plant that can be used include the seeds, leaves, fruits and roots.
  • Whole Foods lists Golden State Cider Jamaica made with tropical hibiscus flowers, Whole Foods Market Organic Orange Hibiscus Italian Soda (coming 2022) and Ruby Hibiscus Unsweetened Water as some of its top choices of beverages for 2022. Salad with spinach, bacon and sorrel.

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