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High On The Hog Needs To Be On Your Netflix Watch List Right Now

Sumary of High On The Hog Needs To Be On Your Netflix Watch List Right Now:

  • A stirring history lesson, gorgeously filmed travelogue and eye-opening exploration of the way African American cooking has beautifully shaped the culinary landscape..
  • [+] show’s host Stephen Satterfield explore the market in the capital of Benin, the West African nation that was once the portal of the slave trade..
  • Netflix Starting in Africa The opening scenes of episode one set the tone for the series, a joyous celebration of music and movement and community in the West African nation of Benin..
  • Harris, who began her career as a travel writer for Essence magazine, is often referred to as a grande dame when it comes to sharing the rich story of how the foods of Africa made the journey to the New World..
  • Academy Award winning director Roger Ross Williams signed on and High on the Hog was given the all-important green light..
  • The months-long filming schedule began in the fall of 2019 and wrapped just before the pandemic brought the entertainment industry to a screeching halt..
  • It a warm invitation to learn more and begin to appreciate the considerable contributions African Americans made to our rich culinary landscape…

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