tallinn named best city for remote workers

Tallinn has been named the best city for remote workers in a new ranking.

The Estonian capital topped the list thanks in part to its new “digital nomad” visa, which allows workers to move there for a year provided they meet certain criteria.

Big 7 Travel, which came up with the top 50 list, also cited Tallinn’s “booming” digital economy and its low cost of living, with rent in the city centre costing around $500 (£370) a month.

In at number two was the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, which has also introduced a remote worker visa during the pandemic.

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In addition, it’s set up for remote workers thanks to various coworking spaces around the city, plus housing is much cheaper than in western European cities.

Belgrade in Serbia, Bali in Indonesia, and Chiang Mai in Thailand came in third, fourth and fifth respectively.

No UK cities make the top 50, though a number of other European destinations do, including Porto and Lisbon in Portugal, Berlin in Germany, Budapest in Hungary and Madrid in Spain.

Big 7 Travel said it compiled the list based on affordability, internet access, coworking spaces, expat-friendly communities and took into account destinations that had specific digital nomad visas.

Various countries have launched these special visas over the last year, as the pandemic forced many people to work remotely – and showed that it was entirely possible for many jobs to be done from anywhere in the world.

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