Ingraham: Biden setting US up for ‘Long Winter’

ingraham biden setting us up for long winter

Sumary of Ingraham: Biden setting US up for ‘Long Winter’:

  • From day one when Biden unilaterally cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, through the reportedly vaccine-mandate-related turmoil at U.S. airports over the past weekend and into today, Biden and his cabinet have proved to the American people they are not competent enough to govern, the host said.
  • “We already know that Biden’s team is incompetent on many fronts, their embarrassing performance in Afghanistan.
  • In foreign policy, their humiliation across the table from their counterparts and that the border importing a trifecta of disasters from COVID to crime to poverty, but as nightmarish as all of that has been, Biden’s on track to eclipse all of it with his pathetic handling of the economy,” she said.
  • Ingraham noted President Trump left Biden with a strong economic, border security and vaccine-supply situation, but that the Delaware Democrat began squandering it almost immediately.
  • “All Biden had to do was number one, make the vaccine widely available, number two, lift all restrictions on economic activity and number three, let the Trump-era policies and the hard work of the American people take us back to the booming economy we enjoyed before COVID,” she said.
  • They canceled Trump’s policies, overreach with vaccine mandates and scare the public into staying at home.

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