Travel news – live: Green list update expected today as ‘very few’ traffic light changes p …

travel news live green list update expected today as very few traffic light changes predicted

Sumary of Travel news – live: Green list update expected today as ‘very few’ traffic light changes predicted:

  • As the government’s latest review of its traffic light system for international travel is due to be announced later today, “very few” changes to its red, amber and green lists are expected, according to one expert.
  • “Very few traffic light changes due tomorrow afternoon,” Paul Charles, travel consultant and CEO of the PC Agency, tweeted last night.
  • “Government simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to deal with Afghanistan, Covid and traffic lights.
  • “Consumers and the travel sector would prefer a simpler, cheaper, less onerous traffic lights and testing system.
  • ”There was some speculation that the next travel update would be released yesterday, but it now looks likely to happen at some point this evening.
  • Follow below for the latest travel updates: Key pointsShow latest update 1629968409Government ‘oblivious to stress, pain, expense they are causing’ over travelThe government has been accused of being “oblivious to the stress, pain and expense they are causing” after postponing the latest travel traffic light announcement.

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