what time is the travel announcement expected today

Sumary of What time is the travel announcement expected today?:

  • Three weeks after the last update, the government is expected to announce its next review of the “traffic light” travel system today, 25 August, or tomorrow, 26 August.
  • The Department for Transport (DfT) will decide which countries are “safe” enough from the risk of arrivals reimporting coronavirus infections to join its hallowed green list, from where travellers need not quarantine when entering the UK, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Follow green list news live: Jamaica could join the red list while Turkey anticipates amber boost The 36-strong list is expected to see a number of additions and removals in the upcoming announcement.
  • But when is the announcement detailing the latest changes to the green, amber and red lists?
  • Poland, Bhutan, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Saudi Arabia have all been touted as destinations with low enough Covid figures to warrant a move to the green list.
  • Research by the PC Agency reported on 22 August showed that declining cases in these countries meant they were likely to be considered for an upgrade from amber to green.

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