A guide to 5 of Japan’s traditional arts and crafts

a guide to 5 of japans traditional arts and crafts

Sumary of A guide to 5 of Japan’s traditional arts and crafts:

  • Below, we look at five traditional art forms that are still practised with pride to this day.
  • All have been passed down from generation to generation over centuries, and it’s never too late to give them a go, yourself… Shodo: Calligraphy The pen may have long usurped the brush as the writing tool of choice, but calligraphy remains a treasured pastime in Japan.
  • Known natively as shodo, meaning ‘the way of writing’, calligraphy arrived in Japan via China in around the sixth century.
  • Passages from beloved poems and Zen Buddhist scriptures were daubed pleasingly on paper of all shapes and sizes, first in kanji – the adopted Chinese writing system – and later in hiragana, Japan’s home-grown writing system.
  • The traditional process involves drawing on wafer-thin paper called gampi, transferring it to a block of wood (typically cherry), chiselling away the design, then covering with water-based ink before printing.
  • Origami: Paper folding Famous across the world, origami is the Japanese art of paper folding.

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