liverpool stripped of its unesco world heritage listing

Sumary of Liverpool stripped of its UNESCO World Heritage listing:

  • (CNN) — It’s famous for its docks, the Beatles, and its two world-renowned soccer teams — but now, Liverpool is going through a different kind of notoriety.
  • The port city in northwest England — which built much of its fortune on slavery — has been stripped of its coveted UNESCO World Heritage status, after a global committee decided that new developments in the city have taken too much of a toll on its historical fabric.
  • The decision was taken by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, which is currently in session in Fuzhou, China.
  • Previously, Liverpool had been one of 53 sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage in Danger list — a kind of watch list which allows authorities to seek global solutions to preserve the heritage at stake.
  • It had been on the endangered list since 2012, having first been added to the World Heritage list in 2004 — a status awarded to other major tourist destinations including Machu Picchu in Peru, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and Greece’s Acropolis.
  • UNESCO said in a statement that the city had been “deleted” from the list “due to the irreversible loss of attributes conveying the outstanding universal value of the property.

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