NetJets Returns To Asia Via Investment In Chinese Private Jet Operator

netjets returns to asia via investment in chinese private jet operator

Sumary of NetJets Returns To Asia Via Investment In Chinese Private Jet Operator:

  • NetJets is making an investment in Shenzhen-based Amber Aviation in a deal that includes a wide-ranging commercial alliance.
  • In an increasingly global world, the agreement fills a glaring hole in the Berkshire Hathaway-owned operator’s network – China.
  • Private jet sectors in China were down 44% compared to November 2019, according to WingX.
  • Although year-to-date business jet sectors originating there were up by 16% compared to pre-pandemic levels, flight hours were down by 19%.
  • The agreement includes wide-ranging service support, sales assistance, product design, and legal support.
  • A spokesperson for Amber says its focus will be the Asia Pacific, however, its agreement with NetJets allows customers of both providers to interchange.

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