Pho Cue, Manchester: ‘Everything it should be’ – restaurant review

pho cue manchester everything it should be restaurant review

Sumary of Pho Cue, Manchester: ‘Everything it should be’ – restaurant review:

  • It’s your classic, Scream-by-Munch-with-a-side-dish-of-blood-drenched-Carrie nightmare.
  • There, just 100m or so down Faulkner Street from the bold flourish of the Chinatown Arch, is Pho Cue.
  • It’s a simple cafeteria space with fake whitewashed brick walls and a fake vertical garden, the restaurant’s name glaring out in white neon from amid the plastic flowers.
  • It’s a bowl of pow and gosh and “do you mind if I finish this?” The nearest thing to slightly arch innovation is what they call Vietnamese tacos, the wheat or corn flour tortilla replaced by hand-sized deep-fried pancakes, lined with iceberg lettuce then filled with a sweet-sour tumble of fresh tomatoes, bean sprouts, fried shallots and in our case roasted pork.

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