Red Tourism Takes Off in China

red tourism takes off in china

Sumary of Red Tourism Takes Off in China:

  • Domestic tour operators and other tourism related stakeholders in China are expecting to see a sharp increase in the number of travellers during the Dragon Boat Festival holidays, starting June 12..
  • A repeat of the tourism wave seen during the traditional Qingming Festival and the May Day holidays, all thanks to people renewed interest in Red Tourism..
  • The Red Tourism essentially involves monuments, memorials or destinations associated with the rise of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the leaders of the revolution and the party, or associated with landmark events..
  • According to a report by the Global Times, on May 31, China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism introduced 100 “excellent red tourism routes”.
  • running throughout the country for ready-to-go tourists, with train and entrance tickets for many red tourism sites already sold out or fully booked days before the coming holiday..
  • Seeing the rising interest in Red Tourism according to media reports, the Jiangxi province is planning to hold a China Red Tourism Expo with neighbour Hunan in October this year…

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