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Smells Like Innovation: How The Peninsula Hotels Is Reinventing Its In-House Beauty Products

Years ago, most hotel amenities consisted of rows of tiny plastic bottles filled with dubious concoctions, which were often not fit for purpose. Then came a mini revolution when five-star hotel brands started collaborating with like-minded beauty companies. Products, from luxury brands or top-end spa labels, started popping up in prestigious hotel bathrooms across the world, chosen because they often shared the same ethos or were comfortable ‘bedfellows’ as the hotels they were found in. 

The new amenities at The Peninsula.

(Credit: The Peninsula Hotels) Recommended For You

The Peninsula Hotels has taken this notion one step further. Out are the Oscar de La Renta treats by the tub, and – launching in January 2021 – in are new signature bathroom amenities, which aim to reflect the location of each of the different properties. The idea is to give the guest an immersive experience through each individual bespoke fragrance. Working with artisanal perfumers, who live in the hotels’ home cities, the results are crafted products (think: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body milk and soap) which all have their own custom scents inspired by their given destination. 

Tub-side amenities have been elevated at The Peninsula.

(Credit: The Peninsula Hotels)

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