the rise of modern chinese cuisine

Sumary of The rise of modern Chinese cuisine:

  • Missing the action and the fun of the industry, he sold his company in the 2000s and opened The Chairman, a humble two-story Cantonese restaurant located in a quiet street in Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan district..
  • It ended up being a sound decision — today, The Chairman is widely considered to be the epitome of modern Chinese restaurants..
  • First Chinese restaurant to win No.1 The Chairman won the top spot in this year’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards — the first-ever Chinese restaurant to win the accolade, which is decided on by an academy of 318 voters spread throughout Asia..
  • “It’s a straightforward restaurant — no frills, no gimmicks, just brilliant ingredient-focused Cantonese food,”.
  • “Perhaps its success is in part down to diners reevaluating what’s most important and concluding that unshowy destinations that are really dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients and creating imaginative and delicious dishes should be highly valued.”.
  • Finally, it’s smoked in a gentle camphor wood fire, with a chef having to change the wood midway through the process..
  • “Being a Chinese restaurant, it was a special moment not just to us but means everything to whoever is working in Chinese restaurants,”.
  • Internationally, there are many cuisines that have ranked better than Chinese — French, Japanese, even Scandinavian and South American..
  • The world’s complicated relationship with Chinese cuisine Looking at previous Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants lists since 2013, only Lung King Heen — the upscale Michelin three-star Cantonese restaurant in Four Seasons Hong Kong — managed to come close to the top, ranked No..
  • (The 2020 edition of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards was canceled because of the pandemic.) When it comes to the Michelin Guide, it’s also uncommon to see Chinese restaurants earn plaudits outside of Asia..
  • Back in 2009 when the first Hong Kong and Macau edition of the Michelin Guide was released, Lung King Heen became the first-ever Chinese restaurant to win three stars in the French guide’s 109 years of history..
  • Elsewhere in the region, Sazenka recently became the first Chinese restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars in Tokyo’s 2021 guide..
  • Wong, which serves pan-regional Chinese cuisine with a modern take, became the first Chinese restaurant to win two Michelin stars outside Asia with the release of this year’s London Michelin Guide..
  • So why is it rare for Chinese restaurants — in spite of their global popularity and long history — to get international recognition, compared to cuisines like French or Japanese?.
  • says the chef, who studied anthropology before taking over the Chinese restaurant his grandparents founded in London..
  • “However, because we’ve enjoyed such a long history of interpreting and reinterpreting our cuisine within international cities, some things have been lost somewhere along the lines..
  • Communication on the technique, craft, dedication, sourcing and obsessiveness about ingredients has been lost within Chinese gastronomy.”.
  • More modern Chinese establishments are popping up around the world, in line with an increased willingness among diners to try unfamiliar cuisines..
  • menu, for example, takes London diners on a journey around China, serving local dishes that are well-researched and well-seasoned with historical stories..
  • “The stars are now lining up, and international chefs will be looking to learn about technique, ingredients and new flavors from Chinese chefs,”.
  • The Chairman’s blueprint It’s impossible to talk about the Chairman’s success without highlighting the soul of its kitchen — chef Kwok Keung Tung, better known as Keung Gor (Brother Keung)..
  • Yip asked Kwok to join the Chairman after tasting the experienced chef’s version of dry fried beef noodles — a classic Cantonese diner dish that tests a chef’s wok skill — more than a decade ago..
  • To lure Kwok to his team, Yip promised the chef complete autonomy in the kitchen, allowing him to create cuisine he’d never experienced before….

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