uk government fails to provide evidence for south africa red listing

Sumary of UK Government fails to provide evidence for South Africa red listing:

  • The United Kingdom has offered an official response to a petition calling for South Africa to be removed from the country’s ‘red list’, which restricts travel between the two nations.
  • UK: SOUTH AFRICA WILL REMAIN ON RED LIST The British Government stated that South Africa would remain on the red list because it: “continues to present a high public health risk to the UK from known variants of concern.
  • ” According to Satsa CEO David Frost, it pointed to reports by the Joint Biosecurity Council, which it claimed evidenced the data it is using.
  • ” ALSO READ: Quarantine hike: South Africans hard done by with new UK travel prices Frost said the British Government has failed to provide any evidence to support its policy.
  • Following the evidence, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the US, and China are among those who have all reopened travel to South Africa.
  • ” The petition, Remove South Africa from the travel ‘Red List’, has received over 26,000 signatures to date and represents some of the ±450,000 British passport holders who travel to South Africa in a normal year.

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