6 Green Learning Holidays To Go On

6 green learning holidays to go on

Sumary of 6 Green Learning Holidays To Go On:

  • According to the organisation, their work revolves around experiential environment education, regenerative tourism, natural farming, decentralised waste management solutions and sustainable land and building design consultation..
  • From dwellings built on cantilevers to give you a house among the clouds feel to a house in the herb garden to a basic backpacker hostel, all the buildings are based on principles of eco-friendly living..
  • Founded by natural building architect Biju Bhaskar and his wife Sindhu Bhaskar in 2011, the organisation also conducts campus visits on pre-set days (WhatsApp for permission);.
  • Part of the International Animal Rescue Goa founded by animal welfare activists, Jo and John Hicks, the Primate Trust helps to rescue and provide long term care to orphaned, abused and injured primates, including langurs, bonnet and rhesus macaques, etc..
  • The main animal rescue centre, which largely focuses on sterilisation of cats and dogs, also deals with all animals both domestic and wild from cows to snakes..
  • However, if you can convince them nicely about your love for animals, they may allow you inside with prior appointment only..
  • Founded way back in 1883, the Bombay Natural History Society, now known as BNHS India, is one of the premier scientific organisations in India working for nature conservation..
  • The best part of the tour is that a trained naturalist accompanies every tour, who will tell you about the flora and fauna of the region along with their impact on the environment….

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