A Ready Reckoner For The First Time Visitor To Puri Rathayatra

a ready reckoner for the first time visitor to puri rathayatra

Sumary of A Ready Reckoner For The First Time Visitor To Puri Rathayatra:

  • The twin advantages – merit-making by offering prayers to Lord Jagannath and a beach holiday – make Puri one of the most visited places in Odisha.
  • Along with neighbouring Bhubaneswar (the state capital) and Konark (home to the Konark Sun Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Puri is the third arm of the Golden Triangle of Odisha.
  • The road in front of the temple is known as Bada Danda or the Grand Road, across which trundles the giant chariots during the annual Rathayatra festival.
  • The TemplePopularly known as the Jagannath Temple, the 12th century temple is home to the eponymous deity and his siblings, elder brother Balabhadra and younger sister Subhadra.
  • The annual Rathayatra or the Chariot Festival, held in June-July is the most popular of them all.
  • The ChariotsThe gigantic chariots are made afresh every year.
  • The tallest of the three chariots, which seats Lord Jagannatha, is called Nandighosa.
  • The 45-feet tall chariot runs on 16 wheels and is draped in red and yellow fabric.

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