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After UNESCO Warning, Venice is in Choppy Waters

Sumary of After UNESCO Warning, Venice is in Choppy Waters:

  • Romantic gondola rides may be numero uno on Venice’s tourist appeal, but giant vessels alighting at the famed heritage centre may spell a bit of trouble..
  • Cruise ships docking on Venice’s bank could land the historical city of lagoons in UNESCO’s endangered heritage sites list, if a proposal to do so gets the UN body’s approval at a plenary meeting to be held in the latter half of July 2021..
  • Container vessels and tourist cruises had been banned by the lower house of the country’s parliament earlier this year, but redirecting them to Marghera wouldn’t be possible without a major infrastructure overhaul..
  • The art heritage body is seeking a permanent ban on cruise ships that are often seen parked like eyesores, towering over the original heritage structures and buildings..
  • Venice’s struggle to contain overtourism and precarious infrastructure issues have intensified in the past few years, as have clouds of World Heritage Site status removal;.
  • a 2019 flood, caused by the region’s naturally occurring high tides, brought Venice to its knees, submerging 85% of the city..
  • This is especially dangerous when one considers the exponential rise in tourist numbers in Venice in the past few years..
  • According to Boston Consulting, day-trippers to the city in 2019 spent just 5 to 20 Euros each in contrast to travellers who stayed for even one night and ended up contributing over two-thirds of its tourist revenue…

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