Bhandardara: Misty Eye of the Mountain

bhandardara misty eye of the mountain

Sumary of Bhandardara: Misty Eye of the Mountain:

  • The long drive towards the small town of Bhandardara, past the breath-taking hills and steep valleys of the Sahyadris, with the Western Ghats as your constant companion is beyond wondrous..
  • There are jeeps available at the village square in Shendi, just 3km away, to take you on a tour of the points of interest around Bhandardara, but this often ends up being just a long drive that is not worth the money..
  • Bhandardara LakeAlso called Lake Arthur Hill, this vast body of water was created when the Wilson Dam was built across the Pravara River..
  • Legend has it that Sri Agasti Rishi meditated in this region for about a year, surviving only on air and water..
  • Pleased with his devotion, god granted him a boon in the form of a stream of the sacred Ganges, thus creating River Pravara..
  • Several water channels unite to form one enormous waterfall, which is commonly called the Umbrella Falls, because it creates an illusion of a huge canopy of water..
  • Randha FallsThe Pravara River plunges 170ft down into a gorge, creating a magnificent sight called the Randha Falls..
  • The best way to explore Bhandar-dara awe-inspiring natural beauty is to take walks along the shores of the lake….

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