Can a Mughal Era Spiritual Leader Have Inspired the Comic Character Sheikh Chilli?

can a mughal era spiritual leader have inspired the comic character sheikh chilli

Sumary of Can a Mughal Era Spiritual Leader Have Inspired the Comic Character Sheikh Chilli?:

  • If you are one of those who have read Sheikh Chilli comic books as a child and believed him to be a fictional character, you might be in for a surprise.
  • There is a monument in Thanesar (a historic town in Haryana) popularly referred to as Sheikh Chehli’s Tomb.
  • But before you jump to conclusion if it is really that of the simpleton featured in the comics, let me tell you, historians and archaeologists are still searching for the answer.
  • According to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) website, the tomb and the attached ‘madrasa’ (school) are associated with the Sufi Saint Abd-ur-Rahim, alias Abd-UI-Karim, alias Abd-ur-Razak, popularly known by the name of Sheikh Chehli.
  • The architectural plan shows considerable Persian influence.
  • Most people believe Sheikh Chehli, a Sufi saint, to be the spiritual guide of the Mughal Prince, Dara Sikoh (also Dara Shukoh, 1650 AD), the eldest son of Emperor Shah Jahan.

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