Double-Teardrop Roundabouts Slash Traffic Injury Crashes, New Study Shows

double teardrop roundabouts slash traffic injury crashes new study shows

Sumary of Double-Teardrop Roundabouts Slash Traffic Injury Crashes, New Study Shows:

  • Double-teardrop interchanges combined with more conventional roundabouts cut injury crashes in half.
  • “Our results show that Carmel’s double-teardrop roundabouts are remarkably effective in preventing the most severe crashes,” Jessica Cicchino, the Insurance Institute’s vice president of research, said in a statement.
  • ” Roundabouts in general are considered to be safer than traffic signals and stop signs, as they are known to be effective in reducing crashes, especially those involving injuries, the insurance institute said.
  • This is because the tight circle of a roundabout forces drivers to slow down, and the most severe types of intersection crashes — right-angle, left-turn and head-on collisions — are unlikely because vehicles are no longer crossing perpendicularly.
  • Double-teardrop roundabouts work the same way as traditional roundabouts, except the circle is squashed at the center, a design that allows them to be used in locations where surface roads intersect freeways or other high-speed thoroughfares.
  • MORE FOR YOU Double-teardrop roundabouts reduced injury crashes by 84% at busy intersections in Carmel, Indiana.

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