farzi cafe comes to kolkata

Sumary of Farzi Café Comes To Kolkata:

  • Rows of potted plants partly hid the glass window and the interior from prying eyes.
  • A quaint green-panelled small-ish glass door up a flight of stairs led inside.
  • If it was not for the name Farzi Café emblazoned above the glass window, at first glance, you could mistake it for a charming curiosity shop.
  • Daylight poured in through the glass facade while neon green, pink and yellow lights added a vibrant touch.
  • A kinetic chandelier over the bar and a kinetic wall installation consisting of moving fans – titled Hawa Aane Do – was a reminder of the city’s industrial links.
  • Hence, it was fun to dig into a plate of Kasundi rawa fish with xo jhaal muri or the Farzified Tangra Chilli Chicken Roll.
  • And don’t forget to order the Chicken Tikka Masala which is served with Cornish Cruncher Naan, the dish served in a typical London telephone booth.
  • A few highlights from the tapas style menu are Hass Avocado chat with beetroot gel, Dal Chawal Arancini with papad chutney, Peshawari seekh kebab with amchur butter jhol, Chutney chicken biryani with raita spheres, mutton kala bhuna with Arborio rice, etc.

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