Festive Special: Fabulous Recipes from the Kitchens of ITC Rajputana

festive special fabulous recipes from the kitchens of itc rajputana

Sumary of Festive Special: Fabulous Recipes from the Kitchens of ITC Rajputana:

  • Recipes by Chef Gaurav Singh, Executive Sous Chef, ITC Maurya, New Delhi Bajra Aur Gulab Churma IngredientsBajra atta – 60 gms Desi Gulab – 10 gms Ghee – 80 gms Elaichi Powder – 1 gms Cashew – 5 gms Bura Sugar – 50 gms Pistachios – 2 gms Almonds – 3 gmsMethod Knead the bajra atta with water and little ghee.
  • READ: Recipes from The Lodhi’s Kitchen Baked Gulab Jamun IngredientsKhoya – 200 gms Maida – 30 gms Paneer – 30 gms Sugar – 50 gms Milk – 40 gms Ghee – 40 gms Pista – 3 gms Saffron – 0.25 gmsMethod Grate half khoya &
  • Add garam masala, brown onion, saffron water, and javitri elaichi powder.
  • Doodh Laddoo IngredientsSugar – 40 gms Besan – 250 gms Milk – 400 gms Desi ghee – 200 gms Elaichi powder – 8 gms Pista – 30 gmsMethodHeat ghee in a kadhai.

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