From Mullick Ghat to Ghazipur: The iconic flower markets of India

from mullick ghat to ghazipur the iconic flower markets of india

Sumary of From Mullick Ghat to Ghazipur: The iconic flower markets of India:

  • The significance and role of flowers in Indian culture and traditions is inherent and deep-rooted, and as such, the market for flowers is of a mammoth scale, too.
  • Flowers are needed in ritualistic traditions, auspicious occasions, and also widely used for medicinal purposes going way beyond just being aesthetically pleasing.
  • Similarly, the flower markets of India, in a way, can be called an encapsulation of the sensory explosion one experiences when travelling the country.
  • Here are some of the most exciting, chaotic, colourful, stunningly picturesque, and vivacious phool mandis (flower markets) of India that come alive during the early hours of the day.
  • Ghazipur Flower Market, Delhi One of India’s biggest flower markets, Ghazipur is one of the few that sells exotic, international varieties at unbelievably cheap rates.
  • Among the approximate 50,000 kg of flowers sold here every day are protea, banksia, and ilex and other varieties from countries like New Zealand, Thailand, Netherlands, and South Africa.

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