Gluten-free food costs rise could force makers to change recipes

gluten free food costs rise could force makers to change recipes

Sumary of Gluten-free food costs rise could force makers to change recipes:

  • The premium paid by shoppers for gluten-free versions of staple foods could increase in the coming months as the soaring cost of ingredients such as rice flour casts a shadow over the “free from” aisle in supermarkets.These specialist foods already cost a lot more than mainstream products, making any price rise a source of concern, particularly for people who follow a gluten-free diet out of medical necessity.
  • The scale of the problem means some firms could opt to rewrite recipes with cheaper ingredients.Jason Bull, of the West Yorkshire-based ingredients firm Eurostar Commodities, said the wholesale price of rice flour, which is used to make gluten-free baked goods such as bread and cakes as well as baby food and desserts, was up 26%.
  • It may result in recipes for products having to change if they cannot be absorbed, which will affect taste and quality potentially.”The increase in the price of rice flour is down to problems in key rice-growing countries including Myanmar, where there has been a military coup, and India.
  • However, the squeeze means some suppliers are having to mill long-grain rice to produce it.The cost of raw ingredients accounts for only part of the overall price paid for products in supermarkets, so high street price rises would not be of a similar magnitude.

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