Heathrow ‘red list’ terminal opens – but will only catch some arrivals

Sumary of Heathrow ‘red list’ terminal opens – but will only catch some arrivals:

  • At the same time, some passengers have been obliged to queue for up to six hours at Heathrow with those from red list nations mingling with lower risk travellers..
  • On Sunday, for example, a British Airways arrival from Bengaluru in red-list India arrived at Terminal 5 just before flights from Los Angeles (rated amber) and Porto and Faro in Portugal (rated green)..
  • The government has been increasingly concerned by the risk of infection, and asked Heathrow to take action – even though airport executives insisted the long waits were down to poor resourcing by UK Border Force..
  • “While opening this facility will be very challenging logistically, our hope is that it will enable Border Force to carry out its duties more efficiently as passenger volumes increase in line with the green list.”.
  • After a plane from India, the UAE or South Africa touches down, it could taxi to Terminal 3 to offload passengers direct..
  • UK Border Force officials will process passengers and they will be taken by bus direct to their quarantine hotels….

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