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Holding on to Memories of Indian Heritage

If you are a traveller who enjoys observing and recording the rich heritage of India, in any form, will be happy to note that a contest has been floated to give you a chance to showcase your best heritage memories.

A Kolkata-based social enterprise, Banglanatak dotcom, which works across India with a mission ‘to foster inclusive and sustainable development using culture-based approaches, has organised a contest titled ‘Holding on to Heritage’ to observe World HeritageWeek (November 19 to 25).

World Heritage Week is observed to raise awareness about cultural heritage and ensure the conservation of the same.

Participants (registration required on Facebook) have to submit their painting or photograph or short video (less than one minute) describing an experience they cherish about Indian heritage. Submissions have to be mailed to [email protected] by November 25.

Participants can also post on their Instagram handles by the deadline and tag @banglanatakdotcom.

Want to know more on click here go to tour news source.

Want to know more on click here go to tour news source.