It can feel like the world’s most spectacular wilderness; the savage beauty of Connemara

it can feel like the worlds most spectacular wilderness the savage beauty of connemara

Sumary of It can feel like the world’s most spectacular wilderness; the savage beauty of Connemara:

  • My friends were heading for the bright lights of Dublin, but after a childhood of caravan holidays along Ireland’s west coast I was drawn to the “wild mountainous country” of west Galway beloved of Oscar Wilde and countless other artists and untamed spirits.
  • Photograph: Kevin Alexander George/Getty ImagesThe summer holidays came, and after a year of being the youngest grownup in the village, I foolishly decided that there was more to life than the great outdoors, and I packed my bags and hitchhiked from Clifden to Galway for the last time.
  • Every autumn we would save up for a night or two at Ballynahinch Castle, the former home of Ranji, an Indian maharaja turned world-class cricketer who retired here to fish.
  • We often set out to see if we could discover the truth behind the rumour that an elephant graveyard lay in the grounds, but the mystery remains deliciously unsolved.
  • One summer we rented a house near Cleggan with three other families.

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