Newly Opened Wonders Of The World Park Will Let You Witness Them All At Once

newly opened wonders of the world park will let you witness them all at once

Sumary of Newly Opened Wonders Of The World Park Will Let You Witness Them All At Once:

  • Such is the case of a unique concept that the region of South Delhi introduced through Wonders of the World Park.
  • An initiative taken by South Delhi Municipal Corporation or SDMC, this magnificent park consists of all 7 wonders, as the name itself suggests, made from scratch, encouraging a greener and cleaner environment.
  • Must Read: All You Need To Know About The Delhi International Mango Festival 2021 Image Source The maintenance of this park will be taken care of by SDMC for first four months and may be outsourced considering the public response to this beautiful creation.
  • Further Read: 20 Super Awesome Places To Visit Near Delhi In Monsoon (2022) With so many eco-friendly initiatives around the world, this one stands out to tell us a unique story of its own.

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