The Hanging Lifeline of Zanskar

the hanging lifeline of zanskar

Sumary of The Hanging Lifeline of Zanskar:

  • My friend Stanzin and I had to cross the Tsetaan wooden bridge to reach Marling, the oldest hamlet of the Lungnak Valley of Zanskar, for an electrification project.
  • It was already dark, and before us lay probably the longest wooden bridge of Zanskar, precariously hanging above the gushing Tsarap River!
  • They were made in the olden times, with no modern architectural techniques, but the bridges serve the villages well.
  • In 2015, in the Lungnak valley of Zanskar, the landslides and floods washed away all bridges except one.
  • Now that wooden bridge, also above Tsarap River (which finally becomes Zanskar River), is the only lifeline that connects the grand old monastery of Phugtal with the village of Yougar on the other side.
  • The most remote monastery and village in Zanskar now run entirely on their own solar power grid – only because the old hanging bridge made it possible to transfer materials across the roaring river!

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