Sumary of The Secret of Hire Benakal:

  • But not many know that hiding in plain sight is one of the oldest megalithic sites in the world, right here in India..
  • It was only when it recently made it to UNESCO ‘tentative’ list of heritage sites (a prerequisite for nomination as a World Heritage Site) that people came to know of the secret of Hire Benakal, a village in Koppal district in Karnataka..
  • Known to a clutch of historians and archaeologists, Hire Benakal is less than 50km away from the architectural extravaganza of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular Indian destination..
  • Found in many places around the globe, these stone structures with their unique architectural pattern, have been challenging historians to determine the reason behind their construction..
  • Most believe these are associated with rituals surrounding the dead, indications of burial sites, or are memorials to the departed..
  • The Megalithic temples of Malta, likely dated between 3000 BC and 700 BC, are said to be the oldest free standing structures in the world..
  • Strewn over a large area among the hills of Hire Benakal are these peculiar granite structures, which local people believed were handiworks of dwarf communities who lived here several thousand years ago..
  • The spectacular structures, ranging from granite slabs balancing on rocks to small huts packed with stones on all sides with a small opening in between, are not homes but associated with funerary rituals….

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