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This New York Project is Transforming Shut Storefronts into Art Spaces

Due to the pandemic and the lockdown, many businesses have downed shutters across the world. Some temporarily, others closed down permanently.

In New York City (NYC), what were once major shopping hubs are wearing a deserted look with storefronts closed. Now these are being transformed in a rather unique manner, through art. NYC-based non-profit Worthless Studios is hosting a competition to repurpose excess plywood into sculptural works of public art with its Plywood Protection Project.

As their website says, “During this turbulent year, nearly every corner of new york city has seen a radical and rapid transformation. While dwellings have taken on the role of offices, office buildings have largely closed their doors. Restaurants have been turned inside-out as the sidewalks are lined with experimental, makeshift dining enclosures. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and a summer of revolutionary protests, the experience of occupying the city at nearly every level has been rendered strange and uncanny.”

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