This Small UK Village Was an Inspiration for Modern Olympic Games

this small uk village was an inspiration for modern olympic games

Sumary of This Small UK Village Was an Inspiration for Modern Olympic Games:

  • The vision of Tokyo 2020 involves sport, education and culture, and we in Japan recognise the importance of the legacy of Dr Brookes and the Wenlock Olympian Society.
  • ” The Japanese organizing committee had come down to Much Wenlock to observe the town’s annual sporting event, which is said to have been an inspiration for the modern Olympics.
  • Way back in 1850, Dr. William Penny Brookes, an English surgeon, magistrate, botanist, and educationalist, was keen to promote physical education and personal improvement.
  • So he founded the Wenlock Olympian Class (renamed as Wenlock Olympian Society later) which organised a sporting event in October the same year.
  • According to Dr Brookes, the games were open to all ‘able-bodied men’.
  • Putting fears of riotous behaviour to rest, the successive annual games became very popular.

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