Through the Highlands of Ladakh

through the highlands of ladakh

Sumary of Through the Highlands of Ladakh:

  • Promising an experience of a lifetime, this initiative will let travellers live the way locals do, get an insight into their culture and most importantly let them cherish a familiar, homely comfort and the simple pleasures of the local cuisine.
  • Also keeping sustainability in mind, these hosts will also be leading the way on energy efficiency and responsible resource use through accommodations with amenities such as newly installed solar lights.
  • After a cosy night’s sleep and a warm cup of gud gud chai, a local variant of tea made with butter and salt,I was ready to take on the day, beginning at the SEWA centre.
  • For breakfast we had the SEWA team cook local delicacies for us.
  • Instead, I found a newer addiction here in the hills — freshly prepared apricot and sea buckthorn juice.
  • Right from woolen socks to small souvenirs, to apricot jam these women put their heart and soul into every product.

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