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Top 6 Delhi To Kashmir Trains Offering The Most Comfortable Journey

Kashmir, better known as heaven on Earth, is probably on the bucket list of every Indian that has watched a 90s Bollywood film. With scenery straight out of a framed photograph, the state offers unparalleled experiences to the visiting travelers.

Moreover, since Kashmir has been an important destination in the Indian tourist industry for many decades, reaching the city isn’t a difficult task, especially if you are travelling from the capital city of Delhi. There are many Delhi to Kashmir trains that offer regular connectivity to this mesmerizing place.

While there are a number of flights flying between Delhi and Kashmir, they may not always be the most economical way to reach the valley. If you are looking for a more economical way to reach Kashmir from Delhi, trains are perhaps the most viable option.

To make your job of planning your Kashmir trip a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of all major trains that travel between the two cities. However, before we jump into the details of this train, let us learn a bit more about the route that trains take, while travelling from Delhi to Kashmir:

Delhi to Kashmir Trains Route

Unfortunately, Kashmir, at the time, does not house a railway station. Until one is constructed, the next best option is to reach Jammu Tawi railway station which lies at a distance of about 330 kilometers from Kashmir Valley. There are a number of public transport options available from Jammu station, to reach Kashmir Valley.

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