Top 7 Museums In Malaysia That Are Sure To Leave You Enchanted!

top 7 museums in malaysia that are sure to leave you enchanted

Sumary of Top 7 Museums In Malaysia That Are Sure To Leave You Enchanted!:

  • While the avid travelers will agree that museums take you back in time and give you a glimpse of any country history and culture, museums in Malaysia have proven to be a fun experience for the entire family..
  • 7 Best Museums In Malaysia Having said that, all those who are interested in learning, reading, and keeping a tab on history, must take a look at these famous museums in Malaysia, that are not to be missed on your vacation..
  • National Textile Museum This is one of the best museums in Malaysia, that was originally built for the railway department..
  • The lower floors in this Mogul style building covers the history of textiles such as songket, and other Malaysian fabrics..
  • The upper floor covers designed motifs in great detail and also houses varieties of personal adornment, such as headgear and exquisite jewelry..
  • Islamic Arts Museum One of the best ways to appreciate and imbibe the intricate teachings of Islam, is to pay the Islamic Arts Museum a visit..
  • This shrine like museum is dedicated to the country religion and depicts several stories through its artistic motifs..
  • This is also one of the biggest museums, in all of Southeast Asia that houses Islamic arts and artefacts and contributions from the Middle East, Iran, and India..
  • The museum also hosts some interesting activities and workshops to help visitors get acquainted with how the religion is practiced in various parts of the world..
  • Royal Malaysian Police Museum Even if you are not keen on visiting every museum, be sure to visit the Royal Malaysian Police Museum..
  • This museum has a fascinating collection of exhibits and artefacts that showcase the history of the museum from its inception..
  • However, the last gallery covers the facets of the Malayan Emergency and the struggle of the forces to defeat the communists..
  • National Museum Often confused with the textile museum, the National museum, is yet another must-visit museum in Malaysia..
  • Malaysia history as well as geological features and geography is all tackled in one gallery that also features a beautiful and realistic replica of the 11,000-year-old Perak man..
  • Sarawak Natural History Museum Sarawak museum started out as a passion project by a famous British naturalist named Alfred Wallace..
  • Today, the museum showcases a number of beautiful examples of Victorian architecture and also hosts dozens of locally sourced exquisite exhibits…

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