Top 7 places to see in Sri Lanka

Sumary of Top 7 places to see in Sri Lanka:

  • With pristine beaches, lush tropical jungles, scenic waterfalls, dynamic culture and warm hospitality, Sri Lanka is one of the top destinations in the Indian sub-continent..
  • The country is a year round holiday destination offering miles of quiet and uncluttered sandy beaches that are embraced gently by ocean breeze..
  • There are numerous UNESCO sites in cultural golden triangle region of Sri Lanka that offer the travellers an insight into rich culture and heritage of the country..
  • You should visit the temple at the opening hour in morning or evening when you can get a chance to experience the ceremonial offerings and prayers..
  • It is mandatory to remove your shoes before entering the temple and wear a proper attire covering shoulders and legs..
  • During the hike you may spot herds of Sambar deer, trip-necked mongoose, long-tailed giant squirrel, wild boar, and others..
  • Situated in the south-eastern corner of Sri Lanka, Yala National Park is Sri Lanka most popular wildlife destination..
  • Yala national park is famous for its large number of leopards, elephants and also home to around 130 species of birds including flamingos, pelicans and storks….

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