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Visit Maldives commences a major global media campaign with 10 key markets

Visit Maldives has commenced a major global media campaign which will utilize both local and international media channels in mainstream and travel trade print to promote the destination in 10 key markets simultaneously. This is one of the most prominent campaigns to be taking place this year, under the slogan “Rediscover Maldives…the sunny side of life.”

The ultimate aim of this one-month campaign, which will take place during November and December، is to promote Maldives as one of the most preferred tourist destinations to a greater audience across various global platforms, whilst making top headlines across these markets. These markets are India, UK, Russia, Middle East, France, German speaking markets, Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, Italy, Hong Kong & APAC.

An online brochure will be circulated which includes essential information for tourists before their travels to Maldives. The brochure comprises several other vital components such as an introduction on “Maldives Border Miles” loyalty program, the COVID-19 travel insurance “Allied Inbound” and data on flight connectivity from various parts of the world. Furthermore, it will touch upon the inte

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