15 Things Not To Do In Hong Kong: Make A Note Now!

15 things not to do in hong kong make a note now

Sumary of 15 Things Not To Do In Hong Kong: Make A Note Now!:

  • Image Source Opting for local buses for travelling is cheaper than taxis and also gives a better view of the place than M.
  • Suggested Read: 45 Most Delightful Tourist Places In Hong Kong On Your Trip In 2022 3. Don’t Shop Only In Malls Image Source Hong Kong has a plethora of malls but that does not mean that you shop only in malls.
  • 4. Don’t Just Shop And Eat Image Source Hong Kong dates back to around 6000 years.
  • 5. Don’t Just Carry Beach And Casual Wear Image Source Before visiting Hong Kong one must know that Chinese people are very particular about their dress code.
  • 6. Don’t Just Eat Chinese Food Image SourceHong Kong offers cuisines from all over the world.
  • Hong Kong offers excellent Japanese,Thai, French and African cuisines.

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