Create an izakaya at home with amazing all-in-one kitchen gadget

create an izakaya at home with amazing all in one kitchen gadget

Sumary of Create an izakaya at home with amazing all-in-one kitchen gadget:

  • Earlier this year, we discovered a handy kitchen gadget called the Senbero Maker, which takes its name from sen, the Japanese word for “1,000”, and bero bero, the word for “drunk”.
  • One of the great things about eating out at an izakaya is the variety of freshly cooked small dishes you can order to accompany your drinks, and the enticing aromas that emanate from the cooking area.
  • Recreating the meals and the experience at home is usually a near-impossible task, as you’d need to master a number of cooking methods and invest in a lot of cooking equipment, but the Senbero Maker promises to make it super easy, by including everything you need in one gadget.
  • The first step to recreating our izakaya at home involved putting the gadget together, which was surprisingly quick and easy.
  • There’s a wide grill for cooking yakitori chicken skewers, a large pot for stewing oden, a smaller grill for roasting small snacks, and a small pot for making hot sake.
  • The Senbero Maker is small enough to fit easily on a dining table, and it’s all-electric so you just have to plug it in and switch it on.

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