David Grutman Turns Iconic South Beach Firestone Garage Into Hospitality Mecca

david grutman turns iconic south beach firestone garage into hospitality mecca

Sumary of David Grutman Turns Iconic South Beach Firestone Garage Into Hospitality Mecca:

  • Over three years after it’s conception, what was once a Firestone Garage (where South Beach locals fondly remember sketchy tire patch jobs done on a budget) has now transformed into three very different, very exciting concepts: Sushi Fly Chicken, Winker’s Diner, and Toothfairy Bakery opening this week.
  • “What’s great about it is the chance to help activate another district in Miami Beach.
  • ” This new project, right off South Beach’s Alton Road, is easily Grutman’s most approachable venture where there’s a little bit of something for all ages and walks of life.
  • Take a step into Winker’s Diner for an Art Deco-infused aesthetic balanced by a modern-day Miami Beach gloss.
  • Over at the made-to-be-photographed Toothfairy Bakery you’ll find ombré clouds of cotton-candy pink and snow-cone blue with polished marble countertops displaying goodies to match.
  • The fried chicken comes in three styles: Southern, Korean, and Thai Michael Pisarri MORE FOR YOU The menu is influenced by a range of Asian cuisines, and it takes significant inspiration from Japan’s culinary scene around fried chicken.

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