Exploring the Osaka Museum of History and the Naniwa-no-miya Historic Site

exploring the osaka museum of history and the naniwa no miya historic site

Sumary of Exploring the Osaka Museum of History and the Naniwa-no-miya Historic Site:

  • Over eons, the rivers deposited sediment, eventually forming a broad delta on which was established Naniwazu, the most important port in ancient times.
  • Today, Naniwa-no-miya and the ruins of Hōenzaka, of which Naniwa-no-miya Park is the centerpiece, are a nationally designated historic landmarks.
  • The Osaka Museum of History is attached to the building housing national broadcaster NHK’s Osaka headquarters.
  • However, the imperial court resided at Naniwa for just one year starting in 744. Although Naniwa-no-miya is mentioned in the Nihon Shoki, a record of classical history completed in 720, its exact location and the layout of its buildings had long been a mystery.
  • Hideyoshi began building Osaka Castle in 1583, gradually expanding its scale, and drew up the basic plan for the city’s layout, a legacy that has lasted to this day.
  • In 1615, the recently established Tokugawa shogunate eliminated the Toyotomi clan with victory at the Siege of Osaka Castle and placed the city under its direct control.

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