Fukushima Farming: Kōriyama Vegetable Growers Find Ways to Add Value

fukushima farming koriyama vegetable growers find ways to add value

Sumary of Fukushima Farming: Kōriyama Vegetable Growers Find Ways to Add Value:

  • Kōriyama in Fukushima Prefecture is a prime agricultural center, but farm products from the area suffer from low consumer awareness..
  • Looking to build the local brand, a new generation of young growers are finding innovative and sustainable ways to showcase what they grow..
  • Ogura Kazunobu, head of farming cooperative Aishii Family, takes pride in the large, meaty shiitake mushrooms that he cultivates on his farm near Lake Inawashiro in central Fukushima Prefecture..
  • He is one of a number of growers who count on Shinoya, a chain of traditional Japanese pubs in Kōriyama operated by local Shinohara Yūtarō, to buy his produce..
  • A Quality Product Like many other Fukushima farmers, Ogura business was seriously affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake..
  • He spent three long, bleary-eyed days putting them back into place, only to have to dispose of his entire crop after the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station..
  • Connecting Patrons and Growers An increasing number of restaurants in the area are making a point of using Fukushima-grown vegetables..
  • The eye-catching blackboard atop Arigatō counter displays photos of the local growers who supply produce to the restaurant….

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