Hopping on a plane? Make sure you have everything in order, first.

hopping on a plane make sure you have everything in order first

Sumary of Hopping on a plane? Make sure you have everything in order, first.:

  • The nation weathered a fourth wave of COVID-19 earlier this year, which has put a strain on the health system — a problem further compounded by a slow vaccination rollout.
  • According to the World Health Organization, “there is no ‘zero risk’ when considering the potential importation or exportation of cases in the context of international travel.” Traveling internationally invariably means spending time in the vicinity of other people, waiting in security lines, at baggage claim and at immigration.
  • But it is the specific destination that will have the largest impact on the risk of spreading COVID-19.
  • While official government advice currently warns against all travel, that does not mean that you cannot travel: You just need to be prepared for the process, recommends Breana Rivera, a Japan tour specialist at All Japan Tours.
  • “Always know what restrictions are in place at each location, have emergency numbers written down and when traveling, know the nearest hospital or COVID-19 testing location to you,” she says, adding that travelers should make sure to purchase travel insurance and could look into working with travel agents to take care of the finer details.
  • “Japanese residents who wish to travel overseas should also do their research ahead of time and know what restrictions are in place upon arrival into a foreign country, as well as the arrival back into Japan,” Rivera says.Re-entering Japan A variety of border enforcement measures for arriving in Japan are currently in place, depending on the situation in the country individuals are traveling from.
  • If you’re a Japanese national or resident then you may re-enter Japan, but you must adhere to a strict set of criteria, a series of COVID-19 tests and a period of quarantine.
  • Recent arrivals to Japan have reported long waits at the airport: Some have detailed upward of nine hours to progress through the multiple COVID-19 screening stages.

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