Keizo Shimamoto is taking true ‘craft ramen’ nationwide

keizo shimamoto is taking true craft ramen nationwide

Sumary of Keizo Shimamoto is taking true ‘craft ramen’ nationwide:

  • When the second-generation Japanese American began his blog, Go Ramen!, in 2007, he simply saw himself as a ramen eater..
  • “I knew ramen, but to see so many different styles all around Japan — I wanted to take a trip to experience that for myself,”.
  • | COURTESY OF KEIZO SHIMAMOTO Six months later, he came back to Japan to apprentice at the now-defunct Ivan Ramen under the American master Ivan Orkin, one of the biggest names in the international ramen community..
  • “Everyone thought I was crazy because I had no cooking experience, but I felt smart enough to be able to catch onto things, ramen or not..
  • After four months at Ivan Ramen, he spent two years working at another Tokyo shop, Bassanova, including 18 months as its manager..
  • Searching for a new direction, in 2013 Shimamoto debuted the ramen burger, a hamburger using discs of crispy ramen noodles as buns, from a friend empty booth at the Smorgasburg food market in Brooklyn..
  • “The success of the ramen burger… was unimaginable, but I kind of resented it at the same time because it wasn’t ramen,”.
  • “My passion is ramen, but I was becoming known as the ramen burger inventor, and nobody really knew my background.”…

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