McDonald’s Japan adds five teriyaki items to the menu, including fries and a spicy new burger

mcdonalds japan adds five teriyaki items to the menu including fries and a spicy new burger

Sumary of McDonald’s Japan adds five teriyaki items to the menu, including fries and a spicy new burger:

  • Here in Japan, one of the unusual items you’ll find is the Teriyaki McBurger, a pork-patty burger filled with delicious teriyaki sauce, designed to appeal to local tastes by mimicking the same sweet soy sauce glaze used in traditional teriyaki dishes..
  • First launched in 1989, the Teriyaki McBurger has been a mainstay on menus around Japan, even as other burgers come and go..
  • This year, however, the chain will be amping up the teriyaki offerings on the menu for a limited time, so that diners can enjoy their Teriyaki McBurger with an additional five products that celebrate the iconic Japanese flavor..
  • The Teriyaki Muffin (290 yen), with its sausage patty slathered in teriyaki sauce, will be greeting customers on the morning menu (available until 10:30 a.m.)..
  • onwards, customers will be able to feast their taste buds on the Oyako Teriyaki (390 yen), which adds teriyaki sauce to chicken and egg, the two main ingredients in oyakodon (literally “parent-child bowl”)..
  • ▼ The Oyako Teriyaki, which was available for a limited time in 2019, has a touch of ginger in the sauce, and a dash of sweet lemon in the mayo for freshness..
  • ▼ The Shaka Shaka Potato Teriyaki McBurger Flavor (from 180 yen for a small) will be available from 10:30 a.m..
  • What got everyone especially excited is the arrival of two never-before-seen teriyaki burgers, both priced at 390 yen, which will also be available on the post-breakfast menu for a limited time..
  • The Akakara Teriyaki (“Red Spice Teriyaki”) builds upon the original Teriyaki McBurger with a slice of spicy cheese, made with red chilli powder, and a spicy mayo sauce made with dashi fish stock and shichimi togarashi (seven-flavor chilli pepper)…

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