Onigiri for Love: Little packages from chefs with big hearts

onigiri for love little packages from chefs with big hearts

Sumary of Onigiri for Love: Little packages from chefs with big hearts:

  • ” | COURTESY OF NARISAWA AND WAGYUMAFIA “Restaurants are supported by many industries — from farmers and fishers, to sake and wine makers and distributors.
  • After a chance encounter with fellow sake enthusiast Hamada — founder of the members-only beef specialist Wagyumafia — in the early days of the pandemic, the two began brainstorming.
  • | COURTESY OF NARISAWA AND WAGYUMAFIA “We discovered that we also shared a fondness for onigiri,” Hamada recalls, describing childhood memories of rice balls prepared by his mother as an after-school snack.
  • The first edition of the Onigiri for Love project took place in Toyama Prefecture at Masuda Shuzo, makers of the Masuizumi brand.
  • The chirimen (dried baby sardines) and sanshō (Japanese pepper) hail from Wakayama, while the charcoal-grilled wagyu beef is from Miyazaki.
  • Masuda Shuzo’s president, Ryuichiro Masuda (center), makes onigiri rice balls for Onigiri for Love.

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